Vehicle Security Installations Essex

Johnson Auto car offer car alarm systems professionally installed by them to protect your car or van. Offering a full range of alarm systems from basic car alarms with arm and disarm to alarms with shock sensors and remote start, tilt sensors and proximity sensors.

Not only does Johnson Auto car offer car alarms but also alarms for vans too. Offering can-bused alarm meaning faster installation and all vans have there door protected.

Can-bused Alarms-  These alarms can tell you if the vehicle window has been left open which then automatically deactivate the interior sensors.

Cat Alarms- They can be linked to the new alarm system.

Wireless Alarm- Siren is coded to the main control module. Helps avoid problems with cars warranty.

Worried your alarm with look out of place? No need to worry we can order them in different colour to match the interior of your car.

Johnson auto car also do a full range of window guard, steal bulk heads and van locks ranging from Dead-locks to Slam locks, if you want more than just an alarm fitted.

basic and cat 1 car alarm systems:

Immobiliser-  Can protect the starter and ignition,  when armed the system stops the vehicle from starting or running.

Keyless Entry- This allows the owner remote key less entry meaning remote locking.

Total closure- This is connected to alarm system to roll windows up or down automatically with just a push of a button.

Remote start- Cat 1 alarm system with remote  start and remote start module added on.

Anti-grab technology- This is a remote control which transmits a code each time the remote button is pressed. The alarm looks for a different code before the alarm is disarmed.

If you have any enquiries about car alarms and vehicle security please contact us today.

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We specialise in vehicle security in Essex and can offer high quality alarms and trackers.