Vehicle parking sensors installation services in Chelmsford

Vehicle Parking sensors are proximity sensors for your vehicle to alert you, as the driver, to obstacles close by when you are parking your vehicle.

Johnson’s Auto Electrics offer vehicle parking sensors installation services in Chelmsford. As parking spaces get smaller and ever harder to find, the once-simple act of parking has become the bane of the modern motorist’s life.

Over the years there has become an increased demand for parking sensors, not just at the rear but also at the front of your vehicle to stop unnecessary prangs and scratches from unseen obstacles.

 As part of our services on offer we can provide and install fully colour coded set of parking sensors to your vehicle. The colour coding will completely match the manufacturers colour for that factory finished look.

The average car is now longer, wider and taller than ever before, and those plunging, pedestrian-friendly bonnets and wide, safety-conscious roof pillars limit visibility.

At Johnson’s Auto Electrics, We supply a range of sensors including meta and cobra, they can be fitted to the front and the rear of the vehicle and can be colour coded to look like factory fit. We understand Parking sensors make parking easy in the dark, rain and low visibility situations. We can closely match them to your car colour to discreetly blend in with your car bodywork and our mobile fitter partners will come to you to fit them.

At Johnson’s Auto Electrics, our team of parking sensor installation specialists aim to deliver the highest standard of work and products to our clients. Making sure we meet their needs and requirements.With a highly professional, skilled team like Johnson’s Auto Electrics, we are the guys for you.

For further information on our parking sensor installation services don’t hesitate to give us a call. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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