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How do I choose the right camper van split charger

Johnson Auto Electrics are specialists in camper van conversions and we often get asked how do I choose the right camper van split charger.

Advice For You

If you’re fitting a split charge system from scratch, your vehicle is relatively new and has a complicated engine management system we would recommend using a volt sensing relay which are easy to fit and requires no connection to the vehicle electrics. Simply wire the relay from your starter battery to your leisure battery. This also avoids any vehicle warranty issues.

Voltage sensing split charge relays and fitting kits are easy to fit as they only need wiring from the starter battery to the leisure battery/batteries. They are suitable for older and new model vehicles with intelligent alternators, canbus and multiplex wiring systems.

How We Can Help

With our range of volt sensing/ sensitive split chargers there is no need to cut wire or take feeds from other sources.

Beware of other systems on the market that may cause electrical malfunction or invalidate the warranty of modern vehicles.

The relays usually cut in at around 13.7 volts, making sure the starter battery is at full charge first, and cut out at around 12.8 volts (figures may differ slightly on some relays) ensuring that the starter battery cannot be discharged when the leisure battery is out of power and that your vehicle will always start!

Our range of volt sensitive split chargers are suitable for all sizes of leisure battery bank from 40AH to 200AH.

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