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What is a Car Alarm proximity sensor?

Here at Johnson’s Auto Electrics we have years of experience and knowledge in parkings sensors and we are often asked this one question, what is a car alarm proximity sensor in Essex.

Proximity sensors, which are also known as perimeter scanners, work by scanning the area around your car. These types of sensors are typically found in newer cars, particularly high-end models.

Since proximity sensors monitor activity around your vehicle, they can often trigger false alarms. Most modern proximity sensors are designed to calculate how close an object is to your car and only activate if it becomes extremely close.

Proximity sensors come in two types:

Single Zone – Creates an interior bubble that will sound the alarm if interfered with, ideal for convertible cars as you can arm the alarm with the roof down.

Dual Zone – Includes Single Zone but also creates an external bubble that will give a warning sound if someone comes into close contact with the vehicle – creates a deterrent for people looking through the car windows.

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