Camper Van split charging system Chelmsford

Here at Johnson’s Auto Electrics based in Chelmsford, we offer camper van split charging systems. A split charging system is able to successfully charge a secondary battery in the rear of your vehicle whilst driving, to allow you to power additional accessories in the back.

If you plan on having a second or ‘leisure’ battery to run your electrics in your boat, camper van or motorhome then you’ll need a split charge system. These allow you to re-charge your leisure battery from your alternator, so while your engine’s running your leisure battery is being topped up.

Whilst there are many ‘one-size-fits-all’ split charge kits on the market we believe that every installation is unique and so prefer to offer you a pre-assembled made-to-measure solution that fits perfectly and has everything you need included in the kit.

The batteries are always disconnected when the engine’s not running so you can’t flatten your starter battery. In addition, because our relays are dual sensing they operate in both directions, so will enable you to charge your starter battery when your leisure battery is connected to a mains charger.

Advantages of Our Kits

  1. They are a ‘plug and play’ kit, ideal for DIY installation.
  2. There are no excessive cable lengths as in some off-the-shelf kits (we make to your requirements) so you don’t pay for more than you need and you have a neat and tidy installation.
  3. They use a dual sensing Voltage Sensitive Relay that has sufficient capacity for the most demanding applications and eliminates the need to cut into the factory wiring.
  4. The cables are terminated using copper tube terminals with a professional hex crimp and covered with heat shrink sleeving to resist corrosion.
  5. We only use dedicated Hi-Flex PVC battery cable (manufactured in the UK) not general, lower amperage cable that won’t cope with the maximum charge output of your alternator (we can also use tinned battery cable in the kits on request).
  6. They include all the parts you need to complete the installation, saving you time and effort.

For further information on our camper van split charging system Chelmsford, don’t hesitate to give us call. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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